If children complain of a toothache or a dental accident occurred, rapid and prudent action is required. We assist you with words and deeds - in our emergency practice in Basel even 365 days a year.
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Emergency Medical Service Basel-Land

The Emergency Service is open from:
Monday – Thursday: 8 – 20
Friday: 8 – 16 

Saturdays by reservation

In the UNO building
Bahnhofplatz 11, Liestal

Telephone: 061 927 13 13
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What to do with an emergency?

It is possible that after an accident, a tooth can be broken, dislodged or even knocked completely out. However if there is in any way signs of other symptoms like dizziness, disorientation, sickness or pupil dilation contact your doctor immediately or even the nearest hospital.   

Every Tooth accident should be reported both with the dentist and the insurance. Even the smallest of accidents can have knock on long term consequences.

Correct behavior is essential!
  • Every accident must be reported to the dentist
  • What has happened, Where, When and How?
  • What is the exact age of the victim or child?
  • Which teeth have been affected? (First or Permanent teeth?)
  • Even minor accidents can lead to complications