Healthy teeth for the smallest - Prevention inclusive

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Zahnhasenclub (The Rabbit Tooth Club)

Children, who have regular checkups, have a great chance of healthy teeth for life. With clear motivational information the Zahnhasenclub helps children understand the importance of clean teeth.

  • Membership is valid for 24 months
  • The membership fee is Fr. 99
  • This includes 2 X 45 minute consultancies
  • Appointments can be made in advance in conjunction with the dentist.

Prevention for the ZAHNHASEN
  • Professional cleaning and polishing 
  • Cavity and Antibacterial Varnish
  • Individual fluoride prophylaxis
  • Individual Tooth Decay analyses
  • Playful age appropriate games for improved brushing techniques
  • Information and Motivation
  • Dietary Advice
  • Oral product recommendations
  • Tips & Tricks for home
The first visit to the dentist is both comfortable and pain free, with no ever lasting bad memories. 
No fear and no pain.
A complete service for the dental health of your children, and rounded up with no surprising unwanted side effects.